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Went for a walk today....LOTS OF PICS!

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with my cousins and their 2 dogs... a beagle mix and a kettle dog. They are both old and don't play much so I was worried Kate would be pulling and wanting to be by them the whole time, but the walk ended up great! Kate did wonderfully and it was a gorgeous day out!

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That looks like a lot of fun! It's gorgeous here today, too. Bella and Remy played outside all morning, and they have a play date in a little while with our friend's pittie. I think it's so funny that I get so excited for nice days because I know the dogs will have lots of fun playing outside. :D
Kate is so pretty. Looks like you all had a nice day.
oh yes!! I lovee the warm weather! As soon as I stepped outside this morning, I called my aunt to schedule a walk time!
she looks so happy in the first one. she is also getting huge or i never realized how big she was.
Great pics, thanks for sharing! It's been great weather here too, we took Abby to park today and she got to run with some doggie friends. Then after that, we went to Petco and picked up the Royal Canin Boxer food, I believe that's the food you feed right? How do you like it? It seems really good for her cause she's really active, I like how the foods shaped too.

Lol, I don't think I ever noticed that Kate's tail was cropped. Did you get it cropped?
Kate's not getting big shes just fat :wink: haha but no the vet said shes a little overweight... she weights 64 lbs but shes short too. So I'm hoping with just the weather change she will be able to take off some fat and put back on the muscle

Kim.... Yea the boxer one I feed Kate... she loves it, chows it right down but the shape definitly makes her take a little more time!

But her tail.... lol it looks like like an EB's kind of ...its sort of corkscrewed right agaist her body and she can barely wag it. Supposidly it was a birth defect on her and her sister and they were born with their tails short like that. her sisters is straight and short and looks more like a crop job then Kate's
Aww - Kate behaved herself like a little lady. What a sweetie! :D
Pretty pics. Kate looks like she is facinated with the skateboard in the last pic!
Looks like a perfect day for a play date! What a cutie Kate is.
Looks like you all had a great time! Kate is beautiful :D
Thanx for the compliments guys! I really appreciate it.

I was just so proud of Kate and how well she did throughout the whole walk. I was worried she would be constantly pulling towards the other dogs but 5 min into the walk she just ignored them
Kate looks like she has some cool friends. I gotta get Bub a friend or two :(

BTW, she doesn't look fat to me
Kate looks gorgeous in the photos. :D

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