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It was very interesting. It was an Animal Care Training food seminar on how to read food labels and I was quite suprised at what I learned.

One of the main points was how to interpret an AAFCO statement. A good food should state that is has been feeding trial tested as opposed to formulated. This means that over a certain timeframe, usually 6 months, a diet is feed to a controlled group of animals and they must maintain their proper weight as well as certain bloodwork parameters. Secondly if a food is labeled as "balanced for all life stages" it is a growth formula because of the higher levels of fat, protein, phosphorous, carbs and calcium and may not be appropriate for adults or senior pets. Lastly, a food must be labled as LIGHT to be considered a "diet" food. Weight control, weigh management, diet, reduced fat, LITE, etc do not mean it is a diet food, in fact in most cases there is little or no difference from the adult maintenece formulas.

A majority of the rest of the seminar was stuff that most of you on this forum know like what preservatives are bad, dyes are bad, multiple listings of the same grain are bad, etc. We spent a couple of hours comparing and interpreting food labels from various companies but unfortunately DVP was not one of them. We also learned how to do calculations to figure out what percent of fat, protien, phosphorous, etc was ACTUALLY in the food because those percentages are made before the ingredients are processed/made into the food.

The most impressionable experience today was how deceptive packaging is allowed to be. For example we compared a dog food and cat food made by the same company, Sheba (for cats) and Caesar (for dogs). If you compare the ingredients and guaranteed analysis side by side for both foods you would see that they are EXACTLY the same product!! That means that their AAFCO statement for one of the two foods is actually false [-X ]

Just thought I'd share a snipet of what I learned today!
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