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what do you do with your dog? how do you work your dog?

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ive read a few post on here about people working there dogs, and different things with them, so im curious, how do you work your dogs, and what kinda acttivites do you do with your dogs?
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If you don't mind, I'm gonna move this to the Working Section. You might get more responses there.
just reasently iv started my 2 in weight pulling they both seem to like it Stella more than Vegas but still learning and having fun meeting new friends and going form there just plain old fun for now next year get a little more intoit as they will bothbe old enuff to pull some real weight then will rely see if it's for them or not ?are you into any kinda work with your pup/pup's
Legend has started weight pull training and Agility. Waiting on Tracking(for Search and Rescue) to start. Not sure if he's going to like it. Or should I say I'm going to like it! lol
I dream about working my dogs :lol: Thats about it right now, it sucks!

The closest Schutzhund club is about 4 hrs away, and I was going regularly in the spring, but its just to far. I wish there was something closer to me cause I absolutely fell in love with the sport. I loved it! I do keep up the ob with my dogs, I just do everything I learned from the sch club. Very high Motivation. I also have kept tracking, I really enjoy it, its something calm and peaceful to do with the dog. I really want to do some weight pull, Lucy is still growing so much though, she is a year old, but has grown half an inch in the last few months, so I don't want to be doing anything like that till she is finished. There is no weight pull competitions around me, so it would probably just be something I do for fun. The closes IWPA pull is about 8 hrs away.

I wish I didn't live in the middle of nowhere :(
i don't do anything with my dogs at the moment cause there isn't anything within a few hours travel from here.
Not doing anything just yet - Annie is only 4 months old. But we are thinking of SchH or WP. It's a matter of finding something with in a reasonable distance. I think I may have found a place for SchH though.
Mike: pit bull/Akita mix - training for competative obedience, weight pull, agility, and personal protection

Wally: retired racing Greyhound - right now nothing, though toying with the idea of starting up a lure coursing club in my area since the closest is over 2 hours away.
cuddling :lol:

want to get into schutzhund asap though!
Right now I am just working hard with basic OB and in the next few weeks we will start attending a local shutz club as she will be old enough to start (very excited) also looking at getting her a good canine citizen certificate. I want to do the schutz with her more for the OB and tracking, not sure if we are going to do bite work (or if she would be any good at it even though she has awesome prey drive) but her OB so far has been solid for an 8 month old pup.
Right now i am not training b/c i am due to have a baby in 2 weeks, BUT i did train fro the last few years and now my husband has taken over my boy.... :cry: which is prolly a good thing b/c now he has progressed so much im proud.. We train for Schutzhund. My husband and boris hope to attain their BH in spring and maybe a TR1 and a Sch 1 in fall (high hopes).. He trains with Fundy Regional Schutzhund club. We both really really love the sport and will stay in it im sure for awhile and hope to make it to high levels. Husband also does Security work and hunting with the dogs as a hobby
we have done/do... competitive ob , rally-o, agility, weightpull/dragweighting, pp, irondog , tracking, and currently are trying to get the rotten puppy ready for her bh and sch 1 ( hopefully next year)
Training 2 AB's in Schutzhund right now. Goals are to put a BH on my female in the spring and *maybe* a SCH I on her in the fall. SCH I on my male sometime next year I hope! :shock: If not a TR 1 for sure!
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