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what do you think she is?

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I found this little baby 3 weeks ago on my way home from work. We have named her Molly and yes we are keeping her no matter what. The vet thinks she is about 8 weeks old and weighs about 22 pounds. I was wondering if you 'bully lovers' could take a guess at what we have lucked into? I have had big dogs and I am not wooried about that, just wondering mastiff? pit?
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looks like a puppy to me, just kidding it's a little early to tell. cute pup though!
She looks like either an AB or a pit to me....but I agree it's kinda early to tell.

She looks like she could be Java Bean's twin (well, almost!)
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She does look like jave bean......I guess it will be surprise. Some kind of Bull or bull mix! Thanks :D
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