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How long do you keep your dog on puppy food?

  • no more then 6 months

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  • 6 months to a year

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  • 1-2 years

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What do you think?

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I was told I should have kept Mason on puppy food until he is 2, but I was under impression that taking him off at 6 months was ok because a lot of the times puppy food makes them grow too fast due to the fatty materials in puppy food as well as the protein..

So whats every one else think? I might put him back on it if I f-ed up!!
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the premium food doesnt have a "puppy food", it's all the same just
feed different amount for puppies (i know DVP only has one kind, no puppy, large breed, senior, etc.).
I changed Orson over before he was one year old, but i was ignorant and fed him Eukanuba puppy before finding premium food. :oops:
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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