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What Does This Look Like ?

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He's already seen the vet.
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It looks like its time to get a vets oppinion.
:cry: :cry:
Ouch! It almost looks like a bad burn. What did the vet say?
I think it looks like a burn too. Owwie, it looks painful. :(
hold on before i give that away, ok i thought it was frostbite, it does look like a burn. :eek: you wont believe what vet says.
looks like a ruptured abcess to me, let us know what the vet says!
Well I watch way to much venom e.r so my first thought was spider or snake bite.
that was my very first ( rat bite) but same thing on other leg this is the other side, which looked as bad
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you going to tell us????
The Vet says its from Excessive Licking. Its called Acral Lick Dermatitis, he prescribed amoxicillin, a steriod, and an anti anxiety drug, to treat the Symptoms. I really feel bent over. I truly felt its was much worse than that. :shock:
?????...really? That seems wierd to me...does he lick all the time?
sometimes when its itching him, He's really not a nervous guy, I only took him in to get an estimate for surgery, Walked out of there 160.00 dollars poor.,
I would get a 2nd opinion, if you can afford that.
I would get a second opinion too...it just look real bad to just say its a type of dermatitus...poor boy! looks painful!
Yep. Our dog Spooky did that to her feet. At first everybody thought it was because of her allergies. But it ended up becoming a cumpulsive behaviour she did almost non stop. We didn't put her on an anti depressant. I made something for her to take before we left the house. Also she wore booties while we were gone. And if her feet started to get really red she would wear a cone.

It's amazing what damage your pet can do to themselves. :cry:
Buster will not wear boots or sweaters, he such a brat. Yeh I cant believe the damage , The other side I worked on when it looked like this with this drawing sab called black, and used comfrey root to soak , the Black is really slow acting ,and he doesnt lick it. I think I will combine this with the amoxicilline.
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