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LuvaBULL said:
Nope, you figured wrong. :p I don't feel attacked at all, so no worries there. I just knew what you were going to ask since this forum as a whole is very predictable. If someone doesn't go "by the book," they get questioned -- that's a given. I can handle the questions, and I can answer honestly. I haven't had any problems with my dogs not getting along. If that day comes, I am prepared. A dog sitter would be just fine in that case. Remember, I work night shift... my dogs are asleep for the majority of the time I am gone. If there was ever one moment I witnessed raised lips or hackles, or something that lead me to believe they were going to "have it out" -- I would respond accordingly. And also just for the record -- I don't leave them outside unattended. If they are outdoors, it is only with my close supervision. They are indoors while I am gone or sleeping. My bedroom door is open, I can hear their collars jingling, so I know what's going on at all times. Even when they're in the basement, the vent leads directly from the basement to my bedroom, and I can hear every sound they make. That ability comes with being a mother, I think. I can be sleeping in an upstairs bedroom, but if my child so much as whimpers, I can hear him. I don't SLEEP very well because of this(!!) but I do feel very "safe" knowing where all my "children" are at all times.
a person on another board never seperated her pit bulls, they never fought or even snarled at each other, then one day she came home to blood everywhere. i dont remind exactly what happend but i know at least one dog died and others were severely injured..i think maybe even 2 died.

anywayz just saying that there usually isnt a warning. one minute they will be fine and the next at each others throats and being pit bulls they wont generally stop until one is dead.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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