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What is this??

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Lucy has really stains on her belly, what causes it?? its driving me nuts, I just want to clean it off but it doesn't work. Her eye stains are still really bad as well, she also has a little of this reddish brown stains by her lips to. She is on good food, she is on innova dog, I haven't given her any raw yet.

Her nails are also really red

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Bremner53 said:
Kasco said:
It's allergies, dear. Could be from anything from her food, fleas, grass, etc.

OH man that sucks!!!!, I hate this, now where the heck do I start???

I would check out the food first, making sure there is no wheat or corn.
Then the grass she may be eating. The other thing to consider (and this is where
my dog got it from) is antibiotics. My dog developed a yeast infection from the
antibiotics. It is a killer and we still have not gotten her over it.
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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