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What is this??

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Lucy has really stains on her belly, what causes it?? its driving me nuts, I just want to clean it off but it doesn't work. Her eye stains are still really bad as well, she also has a little of this reddish brown stains by her lips to. She is on good food, she is on innova dog, I haven't given her any raw yet.

Her nails are also really red

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I was curious to know when the dogs last immunizations were.
pitmommy said:
I was curious to know when the dogs last immunizations were.
two weeks ago, but she had this from the day I got her.

You guys talking about vet bills, man you have no idea. Last year my horse got tangled in a power line and lost part of his tendon, long story. Anyway Last year I spent $7500.00 at the vet!!!!
has she been wormed regularly (hook,round and tapeworm) What is her age.
She is 3 months. The vet said not to do her yet. She did have her first deworming, but they said not to do her again for a few more weeks. I'll probably take her in next week.
Was the vet the last one to worm or the breeder. My experience with worming is they need it every two weeks until atleast four months than after that once a month for preventive measures. I dont mean to go against the vet but I have not yet found one to have proper knowlege of worming. How long have you had her.
I just went through her health records. She had it done by the breeder at 7 weeks. Then my vet did it at 10 weeks, I didn't think she did, but it says she did, I must of missed that. So I'll get it done again next week.

Do worms cause that discoloring???
Not the wormer but the worms can cause many things , discoloration, skin problems, ear infections, hair loss, temperment problems ect. The common market wormer only kills the round worms in the stomach, so that is why a repeated dosage is needed because the others come out to play. When I have a noticable problem with my dogs I suspect worms or a parasite first , than food. Where do you live.
21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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