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what kind of dog do i have...REALLY??

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hi everyone! im hoping i can get some help. i bought this puppy and her father was on site. The seller says the father is a bullmastiff (full brindle). Which he did look like. I did not see the mother. She claims the mother was another type of mastiff. She mentioned something about presa canario aswell. Breed was not really an issue for me. People are asking me if my new puppy is a pitbull. From my own research i see there is alot to a bullmastiff so i dont think anything of her looking like a pitbull (her face that is). So heres the kicker guys...my puppy is WHITE. And this is a fault when it comes to bullmastiffs. She has brindle marked ears and a brindle patch above her tail. So please give me some of your comments on my little baby. I dont want to hear that she is a pitbull...lol
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to young to tell with certainity and the pic isnt so helpfull either.
her eyes are blue?
the thing is that pressas arent white either, so something here isnt right. did u see any other pups from that birth.

Imnt an expert but something in the way that her mouth is structured leads to the conclusion that have some pit blood.

now no reason to freak out, if google it u wl see that pits are not that vicious animals that media present
now some things now make sense

u said the magic word:great dane. Now the colours could be explained as well as the mouth. still u wl hv to wait to see her to grow up to be sure
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