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what kind of food, and how much exercise?

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Hey all, soon I will be getting a 1 1/2 year old female American Bulldog. I am wondering what brand of food do you all feed your dogs? I was thinking of using the brand called "Authority" but I have only seen it at Petsmart stores. And I was thinking what if they ran out of it one day then I could be out of luck. So I was looking for something more common. Also do you all what your AB's everyday? If so how long do you walk them for? I have a pretty large yard that she will be able to play around in so that will let her get out some of her energy. But I just wanted all of your opinions.
Thank you
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u can feed them what ever u want it your choice we feed our dogs exceed not the best food out there but dose the trick and if u have a big yard just go out there for about an hr and play ball should be enuff for her
Alright thanks. I am just trying to think of all the things I need. I think I might just get the stuff I need from the person I am getting the dog from. Also how much would a dog like her eat a day? I will probably have to feed her twice a day morning and night. But how many cups of food should I put in her bowl each time?
Well, Celeste is about 11 months old and 70 lbs....she gets California Naturals (it's a Lamb and Rice formula I feed my other dogs - but you can feed any good quality dog food you like) and I'm feeding her 3 cups a day (split into two feedings, morning and night). If she ends up gaining too much weight on 3 cups (she was underweight when we got her, but is filling out) I'll feed her a bit less. On top of that she gets dog treats - mostly for training rewards, and I'm figuring those calories in as well. My 90 lb. retriever also gets 3 cups a day...and I'm going to have to reduce his food a bitl...he's gotten a little heavier than he should be - sometimes hard to tell just looking at him since his coat hides his shape a bit.

We haven't managed to wear Celeste out yet :shock: . LOL...but I did notice she was quieter the other day...my hubby took her with him on his 6K run.
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Oh alright thanks. I will just feed what she is being fed right now and gradually switch the foods.
"Authority" dog food is Petsmart Brand. They are always gonna sell it, Im sure. LOL

Here is a link to some excellent reviews on dog food from a recent thread.


1 star being the worst, 6 star being the best. Every dog is different, and many folks get different results from the same food. My EB girl has soft stools on Dick Van Patten Duck and Potato, but many here love it. It may take a while till you find the perfect food, but the search is worth it. Food does play a big part in health, ours and our dogs.

Good luck =)
Really once a day? What time of day do you feed at? And how much at that time?

Thank you for the link. Haha all of the dog foods that I see in the stores like petco or petsmart dont have very high stars :shock:
buy what u can afford food dose have some play on health but my old man feed his dogs the worst food u can get shopright acme brand and his dogs are old 15+ and they have eaten it all ther lifes we feed them when we eat dinner each dog is differnt so i cant really tell u how much to feed her i would gess 3-6 cups 6 is a little much but if she is active and dosnt get fat let her eat 6
Personally, I believe if you can offer the best, why not? I know some dogs can do OK on poor quality food, but the advantages to feeding a quality diet far outweigh the stress on your pocketbook...in fact, you feed less of a high quality food than you do the cheap stuff, so in reality it evens out...not to mention, less clean up (less poo produced)! Quality food is much easier on the system and the nutrients are absorbed and utilized better in the body. (less fillers...less waste) I used to feed Nutro Natural Choice and Diamond Lamb and Rice..my dogs did OK on them, but when I switched to Dick Van Patton...whew, what a differnce! Thier coats bot shinier, thier eyes brighter, less tears, more muscle tone (my 7 year old looks 2 again!) less gass, no oily skin...just a phenominal difference.

As far as how much to feed.... stick with the amount she is currently fed. If she seems to be gaining too much, cut back by 1/2-1 cup...looking thin..cut back by 1/2-1 cup. Every dog is different, just like people..some are more active and have faster metabolisms, so they need a bit more..others can gain weight from air! Let your dog's body be the guide. A run down on what my house AB's get fed...

Jasper (100 lb male) 2 1/2-3 cups daily
Chewy (70 lb female) 2 cups daily
Widow (70 lb female) 2-3 cups depending on work

I also supplement raw chicken and veggies a few times a week.

I feed once a day, in the evening for dogs over 1 yr of age.
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Carrie said:
...in fact, you feed less of a high quality food than you do the cheap stuff
Not so true with our girl. Before we switched from Iams to Chicken Soup for the Soul, we thought our girl was finnicky, or not a big eater, we had to doctor it--add egg or cheese--in order for her to eat...Wrong! She simply hated her food. We used to feed her 3 cups, once a day, of Iams and she would seldom finish it all. Presently she she eats 2 cups twice daily and yearns for more.

As the pic illustrates Vega is hardly overweight.

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