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These ast few days, I have been coming home to Dixie w/ bleeding, red, sore nipples. After a few hours, it goes down, and you can literally see dig marks on them.

I have been trimming, filing nails for 3 weeks now.

I had gotten to the point of confusion, because when I got home I would let her out and she would run for cover so to speak.

Today, one of the pups playing-ly bit me on the neck-TEETH! No wonder she runs for cover. She would go in to clean them often, stir them all awake and run!

They have tore her like you wouldnt beleive.

After a trip to the vet, no mastitus or infection. I have been advised to buy canned(quality)puppy food, mix with a milk supplement, and offer it before nursing. This way they get 1/2 full on it, and take it easy on their momma. They really"pitbull" her while nursing, violent sucking, shaking, etc. If they ar enot "starving" so to speak(figure of speech) they will be alittle nicer.

So, I did what the vet said, and I'll be danged, they ate the food and milk mixture likee they have ben eating out of a bowl forever. They loved it. It was amazing. Some still cannot see that good, but after a "dunk" in it they were like"ummmmmmmmmm, more!!!"

I hope this works. Dixie needs a break, and 20 day old pups with teeth.......Mutant pups or what??? Wow!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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