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Buster was 5 months before he was fully housebroken.We used the bell and taught him how to ring it when he has to go out.He is not a barker and would stare at the door and if we were not around he would just go were ever but with the bell he picked up in one day and we have had no problems since.

Buster walked on a leash at 3 months.I waited till he had all his shots.I would put him on the leash then walk him around our yard then as he got comfortable with that we moved on to out front then slowly moved to around the block and so on.

The nipping lasted till he lost all is baby teeth and his adult teeth were in.I am not sure of the exact age but it was longer then 6 months.He was always nipping.We made sure we yelled ouch which made him stop right away and we had lots of chew toys for him.He is 8 months now and gives love nibbles,this is when he gets very excited to see someone........lol

My kids were the same way.Mostly my middle child who is 5.She was terrified of him cause he was always nipping. I had to explain to her why he was doing this she understood more and wasnt scared.Just explain that he is loosing baby teeth and it hurts and for them to help ease the pain they chew and nibble and even sometimes bite but they dont mean to hurt it just helps them deal witht here pain of teething and it will soon be over.
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