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By about 6 months Obi was housetrained but he still has the odd accident now and then at 11 months old. If he gets a fright he'll wee or pooh. Yesterday there was a really bad thunder storm while I was at work, when I came back at lunchtime he'd pooped in the hallway.

He walked on a lead straightaway with no problems, he never chewed his lead or had issue with wearing it.

He still nips now occasionally, but generally what he tends to do is open his mouth as if he's going to nip or chew but as soon as his mouth touches skin he licks.

He does sometimes get over excited when out playing with the ball and jumps up to get the ball out of our hands, he will very occasionally bite our arm or hand when doing this. As soon as this happens ball play is stopped and he is made to just go and have a walk about until we are happy to play ball again. He hasn't bit me for a long time though, as soon as he brings the ball back to us he is made to leave, sit and wait until we have thrown or kicked the ball.

Fee x x
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