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tonyd414 said:
Our OEB is 3 months old now - and he is a handful.

My questions:
1) When did yours finally learn that outside is his potty place? Mine is ok 80% of the time - but once in awhile we go outside he does not go - then comes in the house and decides to do there - we catch him most of the time.
2) When did your puppy walk with you on the lease? Mine is ok with the leash - but he goes in spurts where he will take 2-3 steps then want to sit. I pull and tug and he does not react. The treats work for 10-15 feet at a time - but that seems like I am encouraging this behavior.
3) When did yours stop the "nipping"? Duke is good most of the time - but when my kids go play with him he seems to get excited and start to bite at them. He already took at their ears. Kids are starting to get scared of him - the total opposite of what we want.

He does to obedience class later this month so we are hoping this help - but any adive would be great!!


The potty training was the most frustrating thing. Finally took Atticus until he was about 6 months to get it down cold pat. My suggestion to you would be to put a bell of some sort on your door, and show it to him and treat him. Eventually the pup will ring the bell when he wants to be put out to potty.

As for the nipping, I would suggest whining like a dog when they bite you. That's how we got ours to stop.

The training will be great for him, they are very head strong pooches.
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