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Hey GORGEOUS dogs!! :D loving ya staffi, hes lovely, i prefer the leaner heavier staffs, they just look healthier and fitter!
Did you see my baby? Storm, the irish staff? Shes 18.5 on the dot!! will have to get her on the scales aswell, but shes abit of a porker at the mo, have had to change her diet as she put on way too much weight, but she'll lose it soon enough! shes mental, love the pics, will have to take loads too, you have inspired me :D

The english bull terrier too, ive always wanted one, but my 1st choice was always a staffi, mayb wen i get my on place!
Have you every had any probs with him? or have you ever had problems with other people?

Ive always wonderrd what the 'whip-tail staff' was, but compared to the 'normal' type of low fat squat staff you see today they almost remind me more of a bull dog than an athletic dog.

1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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