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White Bandit's Gunnar

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We got our new pup from White Bandits today. He is one nice bulldog. Thank you Angelika for this beautiful pup. :) He has quite the little attitude and I love it. I could easily see him becoming alpha over Loki :lol:

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he's GORGEOUS!!!

i'm glad they can chew bones together :wink:
He is one good looking boy!!!

I got a few to, but my poor pup still doesn't have a name, LMAO!!!!

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he is way too precious :love4:
what a lil stud muffin
Awww, they're both so cute! Loki and Lucy look like they're being sweethearts, too.
What a wonderful morning!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm glad they are at home!
It seems Gunnar becoming alpha over Loki LOL, it looks different in Meagans home White Bandit's NO Name don't get the bone.
LMAO!!! White Bandits No Name, Stole Lucys bone as well, lol

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Congratulations to you both, those pups are absolutely adorable and they seem to be settling right in.
Kogeki I love his name its seems to fit him perfect.
Thom, Sam and Megan - congratulations on the new pups. I am really proud of how Loki and Lucy have accepted the pups right in. I love the pic of Gunner and Loki sleeping together. It's like Loki has taken him in under her wing. Megan, your baby Bandit looks so much like Lucy and Lucy must like him to give up her bone. You all have heaps of fun with the new pups. You all will have to tell us the pick up stories and ride home stories. Know there has to be some. :D
Great looking pups guys and big congrats to you both. Glad to see they both made it over the big pond safe and sound!

You guys sure are brave having them share their their bones like that! :shock: I always envisioned Rosco's big old mouth engulfing Smoochie so I never went there...LOL!
I waited all day yesterday for PICS!!!! YAY!!!!! They are so adorable!

I love the name Gunnar......
They are BEAUTIFUL!!! Congrats on bothof your new arrivals. They seem right at home. Both Loki and Lucy are good big sisters and will show them the ropes. Love the name Gunnar. Hope the other one will have a name soon. Congrats once again.
Beautiful pups!! I love the brown on Gunnar's tail! It's so cute!! And Bremner's pup has gorgeous brindle markings!!
Both are good looking pups. Glad to see they are getting along so well in their new homes!
We think Meagans puppy looks like Bruno the Bear. We have had a Bear over here he was running through the forest in the south of Germany, but unfortunately he didn't keep it on to stay in the forrest. He scared some people and killed some sheeps, so they shoot him down.
Bruno is a german Name.
They are both so adorable! Congrats to you guys, and good luck with puppy hood.

WOW, What handsome lil pups you guys have. How are the big sisters handling the new additions? Looks like they are getting along great.I love the pic with loki and gunnar sleeping on the sofa,to cute!!! Glad they made it safe and sound and they have both gone to great homes.Good luck with both of your new additions and please keep posting pictures of these two they are just the cutest meatballs around :D
Angelika that is so funny you said that. The first thing my friend said was he looks like a Bruno, LMAO!! It does totally suit him, but unfortunately we have already used that

RIP my boy Bruno, he passed away Dec 2005 due to bone cancer

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