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White Bandit's Gunnar

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We got our new pup from White Bandits today. He is one nice bulldog. Thank you Angelika for this beautiful pup. :) He has quite the little attitude and I love it. I could easily see him becoming alpha over Loki :lol:

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Great looking pups guys! Congrat's to you for recieving them! Great job Angelika for producing these nice little beasts! LOL!
Awww your little pup is adorable. Look at that face!
They both look great! Congrats to all of you. I like the couch pic too, already snuzzling together.
Bremner53 said:
Angelika that is so funny you said that. The first thing my friend said was he looks like a Bruno, LMAO!! It does totally suit him, but unfortunately we have already used that
I'm telling ya... Twoie is the way to go! :wink:

Both of the pups look great! Glad they finally got there! :hello1:
They are both just the most precious little boys! I want to squeeze them both. I love the name Gunner, it's so manly! :D I can't wait to hear Meagan's boy's name. Loki and Lucy are such good girls too!
Congrats to you both. Awesome looking pups you've got. Looks like they're gonna give Loki and Lucy a run for their money! Watch out girls....here come the boys! LOL :lol:
Okay - I just realized Megan has pics of hers in here too! Oh my...it's remarkable how close the resemblence is in the brindle markings on Lucy & "no name" :shock:

You guys are lucky - you both have awesome pups & they're so gorgeous!!! :D
What a cute happy family
Meagan, i once knew a cat with the name "No Name" lol.....

your little boy is a cutie, he looks so much like Lucy, it's kinda strange!!!

i'm glad both Lucy and Loki are accepting the babies....good luck....

give me a little time and i'll think of a German name....my b/f speaks a bit German :wink:


(i like Brutus, but i don't know if it's German)
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great pics good looking pooch !
OMG, how adorable!!!! I'm so jealous! What a good girl of Loki to share her bone with her new little bro. Congratulations guys, and keep the pics coming or else!!
Congrats Sam & Thom -- your new pupper is VERY handsome!!! Looks like you made an EXCELLENT choice. I wish you all the best.
I am so jealous, so is Sadie.........she needs a little brother so badly! He is gorgeous.
Congrats!!!! to Sam and Thom great looking pup!!! Cant wait to watch him grow
Gunnar is the cutest puppy I have ever seen. He is even cuter than my Zeus. (gasp!)
No Name is adorable too.
Cute pics of both Gunnar and No Name!

Meghan...why don't you call him "dunno"? Cleo was dangerously close to that being her name for a while there, but i like it! Mind you, my brother wanted to call her Moose really badly too!
Great pics. I get my pup tonight i will post some pics for everyone.
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