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Who are these doggys????

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so I am working on a banner, for Mary...........I think, but I'm not sure. She emailed me some pics, then I stupidly deleted the email before finishing the banner.......now I don't know the dogs names :oops:

Anyone know who they are?

Awfully cute for sure.

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:? lay of the rum hun! :wink: :lol: J/K
Thanks, it's all gone now......... :wink:
Thanks guys, I got the answer........

Cali and Dozer. Now I have to finish the banner :wink:
all done

And Josies's mom, I'm the only one that dosn't use PhotoShop, I use Photo Impact Pro 8.5. It's about 30 bucks, and if you buy is and have some imagination, I can pm you through using it.


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oops, it's a little big.

I forgot to resize it.

here you go: resized :oops:

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