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Why does our new pup constantly bite our 9 month old AB??

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Hi All,

We have - well my son has a beautiful 9 month old female AB
She is a frequent visitor and often stays a few days
We recently got a 9 week old female AB - she is perfect
She loves the older dog - BUT is constantly biting her - to the point where I cringe as she is drawing blood on her face
Why is she doing this?
Why does the older girl tolerate it? - she is usually an extremely dominant bitch
The only time she dominates the little one - is when it comes to food - or when the little one gos swimming - she drags her out of the water by the ear as she isnt a swimmer and I am guessing fears for the little one's safety

Any predictions on how they will get on when they are both mature?

Thanks in advance :)

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Hello and congrats on the new puppy!! Have you posted any pics of her. I have the same dilemma as you. I have a 2 year old male Boxer and and 15 week male old AB. So far everything is wonderful. The puppy bites my other dog all of the time. He just does not know when to stop. After a while, my boxer will go jump on the bed to get away from the puppy. I had asked the same question about how they would get along later. I received deferent answers based on different experiences. From what I got out of the replies, just be careful and never let your guard down. I had several post that said "Hope for the best, but expect the worst" So at this point, we are doing a lot of hoping. I have ordered lots of good information from "Leerburg Video and Kennel" (here is the web address if you want to check it out, I found it very helpful with raising a dominate dog http://www.leerburg.com/ ) and I have started obedience training. Just remember NEVER leave them alone together. For now my Boxer is a good deal larger than my puppy and I don't think my boxer could or would ever hurt anyone or anything, it is just not a chance I want to take. Good luck with your new baby!! Hope all works well for you!!
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