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Lisa said:
Kelly said:
KOGEKI: I understand your comment but why does everyone have to jump on that person who is simply asking a question and only wants an answer.Not a bunch of criticism.Why cant people bite there tongue once and a while and just answer the question that was asked.Yes,some do get answers to there questions with out a fight or any "head chewing" but most don't get the help or advice they asked for and instead they are being critisized.If you don't like what the person is doing then don't reply,why bother starting something that is only going to get ugly.
The reason is because breeding should be about the dogs first and formost, not the people involved. Too many people get involved with breeding for their own selfish reasons rather than for the benefit of the breed as a whole. Because of this, many wonderful breeds are being ruined and since there is such a pet overpopualtion problem, this is even more reason for most people not to breed. If a person comes on a public forum openly announcing the breeding of their unproven pets for their own selfish reasons, they should expect questions. Any forum that condones or tolerates irresponsible breeding would not be a forum I would want to be part of. Speaking out against irreesponsible breeding needs to happen. How else can people become educated? What is better, educating people about the downfalls of irresponsible breeding or patting them on the back for a job well done when there are already millions of pet quality dogs being put down in shelters every year? What is more important, creating healthy, sound dogs that have the characteristics they were originally bred for or keeping everyone happy by sitting back and congratulating everyone for filling up the shelters and breeding crappy dogs? The answer is simple for me.

Breed the best to the best or don't breed at all!

Kelly, how do you think we should educate people about irresponsible breeding? Maybe you can do it for us the next time someone comes on with a breeding announcement? Please, show us how it's done.
In all honesty, shouldn't the education come BEFORE any breeding takes place? I believe so, because once someone breeds, and then comes here for assistance, it is already too late, their minds are made up, many are against abortions(human or dog) and at this point, the last thing they need is to be turned away.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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