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I didn't read through the whole thread. I think what Kelly is asking is for everyone to be a little nicer with less sarcastic remarks.

I've been bashed on before, but people have less regards for other peoples feeling online. Sometimes people get carried away A sweet lady in real life can turns into a keyboard comando online. A lot of times i have to think for 30 minutes before replying to a question or a thread. Restrain myself from becoming a keyboard commando and hurting others.

Someone does something bad..

1 do you yell at him or her and
give them a sarcastic remark which in turns hurt their feelings and make them hate you? or

2 talk to them and kindly let them know that it's wrong , answer all their questions and have them look up to you?

Me I like number option 2
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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