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I truly believe that we should support OUR breed suitability organization.

The Germans use schutzhund. ONLY the titled dogs are CONSIDERED for breeding. Does this keep the REAL working ability, nerves, stability of the shepards high? Of course.

Imagine if ONLY BST titled ABs are bred. No BYB would be even able to breed. What if every prospective buyer asks if the parents have their BST? The quality of ABs would be amazing coming out of the program.

BST is a Breed Suitability TEST. This title means worthy to be bred. WHY DOES NOT MORE BREEDERS USE IT?

I am CERTAINLY not a pusher of titles. Anyone who knows me realize that I believe a good dog is where you find them and the HARD AS# monsters, I like, are incredibly hard to title. However, like in the last post I read, if you are a new person to the breed and you are looking for a GOOD dog with all the Bulldog traits (including trainability and intelligence), then the WABA is a GREAT place to start.

Unfortunately, most ABs are good for show and not go. basically drooling 100lb pugs.

Look at all the great dogs that had LOOKS and ability that had a BST. Turbo, Bear, Koa, Block, These are all 100lb+ monsters. Definitely not 100lb pugs!

Just my 2 cents.
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