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why you little...!

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this is what Link did today while I was taking a 5 min shower

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Link said:
this is what Link did today while I was taking a 5 min shower
dont you know that 5mins is about 4mins 40secs too long...
i have learned! bella was out of my sight for about 1minute yday and she wander into the studio space next door, said hi to the boys and wee'd onm thier floor. sigh.
:eek: :lol:
Nahh he was just catching up on his reading and current events! LMAO!!! that is too cute... sorry... but even though you were there and taking the picture he could care less....LOL!!!
My dogs have done that a couple of times.... little monsters. The worste is when the get toilet paper rolls and shred it all over our lawn. It's impossible to get picked up. On a side note, his coat looks excellent!!!! =D>
Oh Dion has done that .... I don't mind TOO much and think it's kinda cute ... UNLESS its my current issue of US that I haven't read yet!
ugh!! I don't like it when I find little 'surprises' like that!! Especially since I'm such a clean freak!! Alexis got in trouble today for stratching up the kitchen island trying to get passed the child gate we set up! Needless to say, she is in her kennel (otherwise known to her as her room) while I'm at work now! :roll:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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