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will's "Judas"

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Hi everyone,
this is one of my dogs,
breed, stafford,
age, 19 months,
18.5, inch
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nice dog!
looks just like my last dog, Jasper, RIP.
Good lookin' pup!

...with the new findings from the show on National Geographic, "The Gospel of Judas", the name doesn't mean such a bad thing anymore. Well,.....to some.
Hi every body,
I forgot to say, me & wife live in the uk, we run two dog clubs, one
is the, S.I.B.T.C. Staffordshire & Irish Bull Terrier Club, 2, is the A.B.C.uk
American Bulldog uk, we hold 3, shows a year in liverpool, uk. we have
a good selection of dogs coming to the shows, Am bulldogs, old time bulldogs, KC staffords, Pits bulls, Irish staffords, british bulldogs, presas,
the events at the show, conformation, for the difrent breeds, then best in
show, then we have an (A) Frame event for all dogs to enter, then we
move on to the weight pulling events, we have 3 weight class's in the
pull, we get lots of comeback saying what a great day people had & when is the next. I dont make any money from the shows or the dogs, every
penny go's back into the clubs. I do it for the love of the dogs, seeing there faces when the eqipment is being put together, & watching how there hard work over the last few weeks come good for them, I'v not
long took over the clubs, summer last year. I'm having a great time running the clubs, meeting some fantastic people & dogs, the club was started in 1990, would any one like to see pics from the show.

p.s. Judas was called that name not to make him sound like a badboy,
the little sod, when we went to pic judas he ran over to my wife & I,
licked my wife, & then ran at me jumped & split my nose open by getting
a hold, my wife said yes thats the one for me, he loves me & hates is
dad, so my wife picked him & I named him rightly.
yours in sport
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Hiya :) I'm from the UK too, in the south. great looking dog you have
Love your stafford! a beuty!
What lines is he after?
Great looking dog and I love the story behind his name............LOL
Hello, i'm also from the UK. Good looking dog you have there :wink:
Thank' for all you intrest, :D
so are you people from the uk, gona tell me where in the uk your from.
anyone near me liverpool.
yours in sport
ps nother pic of judas playing with his boomer ball.

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