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here's what i started with

here's the mock up nothing welded or cut yet

fabing the front axel

starting to weld up frame

hooked to the truck for transport

rope ties

still needs floor done and paint but you get the idea!

thanks for looking :wink:

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Kasco said:
Wow! That is a big a** cart. Great job! Wanna come make me one? LOL :wink:
thanks and yes i can make carts and ship if anyones is interested pm me for details and $ cheers
I'm interested too. That's awesome how the "back" has the tow hitch tongue and the "front" has the connections for the pulling rope. Very well done! I'll pm you for mor info.


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Looks good!

Will it have a basic black paint job or a custom job? Pinstripes? Airbrushed pics of naked bulldogs? :wink:
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