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I have a good friend who has a mixed breed herding dog. He and his wife rarely ever take the dog for a walk and they never walk the dog "correctly". As in the dog pulls them around everywhere and they say "We have tried everything to stop the pulling". They like the gentle leader. I don't use anything but either a flat collar or pinch collars. I wouldn't use a pinch collar in this case.

They have asked if I would take care of the dog this coming weekend. I have done it in the past and just left the dog at their house. I would come down twice a day to let the dog outside and feed it.

My friend knows my dogs and knows how they behave. However, he thinks how a dog acts is based on personality purely. As in he thinks my dogs walk on a leash because they don't want to run in front and smell everything. He also knows I walk my dogs 4 miles a day and thinks that is crazy. He thinks his dog is trained because it knows how to sit correctly. Since it can follow commands sometimes, it means he has a trained dog. If the dog doesn't listen it just means he doesn't feel like listening right then.

I am considering bringing his dog up to my house for the weekend and making it part of my pack. I would require the same things I require from my dogs. I think his dog would benefit from this. He could learn how to properly walk on a leash and learn how to be calm.

His dog and my dogs have met. They know each other and are "friendly". Lucy doesn't care for Dante's(his dog) excitable behavior but she does like roughing it up with him.

He said he would prefer if the dog could come up and stay with me so am I out of line asking if he minds if I walk his dog and require proper behavior out of his dog that I require out of mine? I use leash tugs and my ability to be more stubborn than any dog alive to make them submit to my will.

I figure he knows what I am about and has asked me to keep his dog for the weekend. I think he should be willing to let the dog experience an environment where Dante is expected to behave.

I know in the long run that his dog will return to normal at his house since I doubt he would keep any training going. However, I just hope that if he could see Dante walking with Lucy and Dozer correctly, he might realize that Dante could be full of personality AND still behave like a dog should. I just feel sorry for Dante that he does not get to experience good quality walks and good exercise.
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