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If you are interested in getting a American Bulldog, here is a very good book for someone new looking into the breed. It tells the origin of the breed... explains the different lines and how they came about. (Painter/Scott/Johnson) The author goes into breaking down his own person search for his first American Bulldog... kennels he visited... what he learned. Then he shares his experiences with weight pulling, protection training and experiences at the shows. Wraps up with breaking down about 12 American Bulldog kennels and what each has to offer and what type of dogs they breed.


If you are interested in an American Bulldog, you need to figure out what you want to do with the dog. You want a bigger bully type of dog? You would want one with Johnson bloodlines. Dogs with Painter bloodlines are said to be more protective. Scott/Williamson - performance, less bully, longer muzzle.

I have a 9 year old Hybrid - Mostly Sure grip and Johnson blood.. some painter. An a 13 week Scott (performance) type from Jousha Kennels. When I take my older one for a walk in the summer... it takes him which seems like forver to cool down and stop panting... which I hate.
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