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All righty then my story: Hubby and I rough house all time.The one night he was doing what you did with your wife and Buster acted the same way.Hubby told me to yell like I was being hurt so I did which really made Buster mad and he started barking louder and getting in between hubby and I well next thing I know he bit hubby.We no longer rough house while the dogs are in the room or any were around.He and I know Buster was just protecting me or just got pissed at us for playing like that.......lol Lesson learned :wink: Not sure though if it was a protective thing or not but I myself feel it was just by how he was acting. Now if it were a stranger I dont know if he would run the other way or do what he did to hubby.I would like to think he would bite the person but my luck he would run but then again Buster doesn't run from anything unless he is getting yelled out so I dont know........lol WE pushed the limit with him though.We wanted to see how upset he would get over something like that and well we now know :oops:
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