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Yup, lots more pics of Loki

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Sorry, I've been on a picture kick recently. I just brought out my other camera that I havent used in a bout 9 months. Its big and professionalish so I've been wanting the convenience of my small camera. But this one takes better pics.

Loki doing her best to look tough. She reminds me of Edward G Robinson here.

Doing what she does best

I swear, she is happier to see my mom than anyone else. Even us!!!


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She is such a pretty girl, the first pic is awesome. She has so much character in her face. :D
I love that first shot too. The shadow on the one side makes her blue eye stand out more. She looks so grown up now!
Love the first shot of Lok!

Your poor mother, she's getting mauled! :p
Awesome PIcs!

Loki really does look all grown up and filled out!
Loki is awesome... she is another one of my personal favorites! She looks likes she really loves your mom...maybe a little too much!? lol :lol:
Those are some great pics of Miss Loki. What happened to that little puppy you guys brought home not too long ago? They grow up so fast!! :(
she is soo pretty...I love the sleepy picture!
Thanks everyone. She does love my mom way too much. My mom lets her climb all over her and rolls around on the floor with Loki. Its funny. They are like two little kids.
Great pics Thom! Loki is a cool looking girl!
Theres my girl!!!! I love new pics of her. I love the WHAT??? picture, so cute. The first one is nice too. She looks like she was being a good model for you, lol.
HAHA :lol: That does look like Edward G (and how'd you pull that oldie out of your head? :lol: ) Gorgeous.
Pitchic27 said:
HAHA :lol: That does look like Edward G (and how'd you pull that oldie out of your head? :lol: ) Gorgeous.
My mom liked old gangster flicks and I always remembered him from the character based on him in the bugs bunny cartoons :p Anyone else remember those episodes? Also with Humphrey Bogart (wanted to eat Bug Bunny) and Peter Lorre.

I rented an old James Cagney movie for the weekend. I love that guy.
She is absolutely gorgeous...and filling out very nicely!
Loki is so cute!!! I love the ambulls wrinkly chin! :p
Great pics! Loki is so pretty. :)
The first pic is really great but I just love the "What" pic. Such expression in those eyes. You would give her anything with that look. :wink:
great pics she is sooooooooo cute
YAY!! I love Loki! She looks so grown up now! Those are some excellent photographs. Keep 'em coming!
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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