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Zaily looking like a booger

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Here are a few new pics of Zaily that I took tonight. I put her sweater on since it was raining & we had to go to the store earlier. This sweater has belonged to 2 other dogs before her- my mom's chihuahua Nika, my old chihuahua-terrier mix Nico, and now it's forced upon Zaily. It's horrid- it's bright booger green. Look how big she's getting- it seems like just last week she was a pudgy little puppy...

This one is my favorite, she's smiling :)

She spent about 15 minutes chasing herself round in circles before she finally caught the sweater...

She loves to chew on her hairbrush...

To show how much she's grown- this is her in the same sweater about a month or so ago!

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I just did a triple-take :lol: Maybe I've been under a rock (and far from California), but I've never seen a dog wearing toe-nail polish! I live in New England, and it hasn't caught on here (yet). I've seen the stuff for sale, but never "modeled" before. It's not even 6:30 here yet, I'm just having my coffee and waking up. Nice way to start it :lol:
yeah the nail polish is cute. How do you ever get her to stay still long enough to do it. LOL
I never even noticed the toe nail polish till you guys said something! Adorable pup! It sucks that they have to grow up tho! i painted my dogs nails once, she didn't seem too amused and ignored me for a while...
I'm just lucky I guess, I get her while she's laying on the bed & tackle the toenails then. She actually listens when I tell her to be still! It's amazing. I think she knows she's pretty afterwards or something.
Zaily's a cutie! She looks pretty upset in that sweater though, looks like she's saying, "hey mom, I do have fur you know!" lol. Did you use human nail polish or dog nail polish? I would be afraid to use the human kind if they chewed on there nails or something.
Zaily looks cute in her little sweather... soon she might be grownin out of it though! sad isn't it... I still have Isis and Nox's puppy collars... unfortunately Jager's puppy collar has been a 26" one. Isis had a maroon one that showed up on her white coat soo well, and Fatboy Nox had to have a harley davidson collar. anyhow, when i look at those, it reminds me of when they were so little.

I also like to mention the Hacker's nod... Acid Burn... where's your Crash Override?
Toenail Polish! That's so funny. She looks like such a sweetheart. :D
She's too cute! I love that bright rug too! Shelby let me paint her nails ONCE and she hated me for a while...she sneezed forever because of the smell :D
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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