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Zena was attacked this afternoon...Heavy Pic

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by a psycho neon orange puppy! LOL This is the happiest I have seen her since she came home with me. This was her pick out of the toy box...

and ready for more action!!

okay mom...tired now..come on...let's go inside!


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Awww....she looks so happy! I love it!!
great photos! you SCARED me with that title. . . I thought WHAT NOW??? :D She looks very happy indeed.
She most likely has never felt so good in her life. She looks SO very happy. You must feel really good when you see her acting like that. Keep the good work up.
Is that not adorable? :angel8: She's so lucky to have you!!! I love her ears too!!! :love1:
Good lord, I was like OH NO!! when I saw the title!! About gave me a heartattack.

I'm glad to see she's doing SO well!! How rewarding it must be for you to know that just a simple toy and some affection(both easily providable) was all it took for this girl to come out of her shell!
Whew!, I was scared by the title as well.

She looks so happy. Makes you wonder how long it has been since she has been able to play around like a puppy should.

BTW this pic is hillarious!


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great pics :wink:
Awww, she looks so happy. What a contrast to the photos where she has her tail between her legs. Looks like she's coming along just fine. :D
You freaked me out by the title!

She looks like she is much more relaxed, that's great.
Are you trying to give us heart attacks here............Geez.................LOL
She does look happy as can be. You are doing such a great thing for her.I fell for her when I saw her face :)
Well - I have been so busy eith so many things lately that i have been missing a lot of what is happening on the forum. Just back tracked through the Zeena stories and pics and so glad that she found a home with you. She does look so happy now compared to before. She must have felt so lost and could not understand why her previous owners did not come for her. Give her lots of hugs from Clara & me. Pat:love4: :flower:
She looks great!!! Just wait, she will come out of her shell more and more as she realizes that life is good now and she starts gaining confidence. :flower:

When people ask me how or why I foster, this is the kind of stuff I think of. :D
Great pics! She seems like such a sweet girl. I love her allready!
Awww...that is the sweetest...I am glad she is settling in well ...you did a great thing for her and you are a great person for being able to do that! She is sooo pretty...we need lots of pics of her!
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