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I would try Solid Gold Seameal, it's supposed to increase the immune system and help with skin problems.
Also make sure you aren't feeding him anything with wheat or corn in the ingredients.
Only feed your dog top quality dogfood with no by products or artifical anything.
Most of the dogs that come in our grooming place with bad skin are being fed Science Diet. :roll:
You can also try any thing from this page: http://www.solidgoldhealth.com/products/showcat.php?cat=4
or I've seen good results with this: http://shop.halopets.com/product1.c...47061155575220312&Product_ID=2&Category_ID=29.
They are a great holistic company, my dogs love getting their Spot's Stew as a treat once in a while.

Just so you guys know, I don't work for either of these companies or recieve anything for suggesting their products.
I've just seen great results from them both, and used them on my own dogs. Holistic stuff is great because it is all
natural and CAN NOT hurt your dog.
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